Is Microsoft down? Microsoft 365 status: Are Microsoft Teams and Outlook down?

microsoft down

Is Microsoft down?

Users of Microsoft 365 services have been reporting issues with their services this morning.

The issues appear to have affected Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Store, and 365.

User reports began to appear on Down Detector, a site for reporting online outages, at around 7 am.

These reports cite the server connection as the main issue.

In a tweet, Microsoft confirmed it was aware of the issues and that it is being investigated.

People reacted to this situation,

One wrote: “Microsoft Teams and Outlook are down. What a lovely Wednesday!”

Another said: “Microsoft Teams and Outlook are down? Holiday has begun?”

Microsoft services, including MS Teams, Outlook, Azure, and Microsoft 365, are down. Most of the outage reports are being sourced from Indian users. Downdetector has over 3500 reports for just Teams.

LinkedIn, a popular professional social media platform, is also witnessing an outage. Outlook users in India have also recorded over 3,000 reports so far.

Microsoft has also acknowledged the issue. A tweet by Microsoft 365 Status read, “We’re investigating issues impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services.”

Microsoft Azure, the company’s public cloud platform, is also facing an outage leading us to believe that the server hosting Microsoft services has been impacted.

Teams and Outlook are two of the most used professional applications and the impact of the outage is leading to a meme fest on Twitter.





This is a developing story.

Are Microsoft Teams down?

The issue is seeing users unable to send or load messages on Microsoft Teams, as well as being unable to access Outlook.

You can keep up to date on the issues on the Microsoft admin center and on Down Detector.

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