Kids and adults will absolutely love these fun and creative Easter egg hunt ideas! There are tons of great Easter egg hunts and filling ideas for Easter eggs!

Have kids fill Easter Eggs with slips of paper that have reasonable rewards for them rather than toys. Hide the eggs and the eggs that the kids find are get that reward.

Idea #1

Fill each of the eggs with a slip of paper with a silly task such as sing “Itsy Bity Spider,” name three fruits that are red, or do a handstand. 

Idea #2

Write clues that send your kids around the house searching for the next location where they’ll find a clue (e.g. Run really fast, use your legs, this is where we keep the eggs).

Idea #3

Have a Willy Wonka themed Easter Egg hunt by hiding a golden ticket for each of your kids in one egg, so if you have three kids you would have three eggs with golden tickets inside.

Idea #4

Put together a list of eggs that the kids have to find such as a striped egg, an egg with green Jelly beans, an egg with a quarter inside, etc.

Idea #5

Reverse the roles this year and have the kids fill the Easter eggs with things that they want written on slips of paper (like stay up for an extra hour, skip chores for a day, etc.).

Idea #6

Pick out some bigger prizes and print out the names of those prizes on a sheet of paper (e.g., Movie Night) with each prize printed in a different color egg.

Idea #7

Before the race, buy eggs in particular patterns or designs and colors(striped, pink polka dotted, glittery) then hide the eggs and come up with a pattern to use for the game.

Idea #8

Break up all of the pieces to a puzzle and place pieces in eggs. Hide those eggs and when they’ve found all the eggs, they have to put the puzzle together to win a larger prize.

Idea #9