This is the Youth Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, 7 Layers Maple Waterproof, 250W Moter, 12 MPH Top Speed, Max Load 220lbs.

Intelligent designed remote with great function of acceleration or deceleration, forward or braking. It has 3 mode and speed (H-M-L) for different needs.

The wireless remote control can be quickly and easily paired with the skateboard, you can start your journey right away.

Fly down the streets with confidence on this electric skateboard with remote. Powered By A 250-Watt Motor, Lithium-Ion-Powered electric skateboarding action at speeds up to 12 Mph.

It has a range of 6-8 miles once it is fully charged. It’s equipped with a secured 24V, 2200Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack, which can be fully charged within two hours.

This Skateboard include Durable, shock-absorbing 7.5cm/2.9inch wheels provide an unbelievably smooth riding experience.

Come with completed 35.4"* 8“ profession skateboard, and Even in high-speed, It could keep sufficient stability and balance to ensure safety and good riding experience.

With the max distance of 10 km, the electric skateboard provides a reliable form of transportation that can take you wherever you need to go.

This is an eco-alternative to your daily routine that allows you to cut down on emissions without sacrificing convenience or style.