On April 14, a big solar storm is expected to hit the Earth. Scientists fear that the impact of this solar storm (Solar Storm 2022) with the Earth can be seen.

The US Space Weather Center (SWPC) has described this solar storm as a G-2 category, which is considered very dangerous.

The strongest solar storm is classified as “G5 extreme” and the weakest solar storm is classified as “G1 minor”.

The Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India tweeted that on April 14, 2022, this solar storm will hit the Earth at a speed of 429 to 575 KM per second.

The four main components of solar activity include solar flares, coronal mass ejections, high-speed solar wind and solar energy particles.

Due to these, solar storms keep coming on the earth. According to NASA, solar flares affect the Earth only when they are on the side of the Sun, where our Earth is.

Similarly, in a coronal mass ejection, the huge clouds of plasma and magnetic field emanating from the Sun will affect the Earth only if their direction is towards our Earth.

The greatest impact can be seen in the outer atmosphere due to a solar storm colliding with the Earth. This can have a direct impact on the satellites orbiting the Earth.

According to scientists, there may be interference in GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV.